Partnering with CT Districts

Connecticut’s lowest performing districts (called “Alliance Districts”) face systems-level challenges that prevent them from effectively implementing key reform strategies to raise student achievement. CCER offers free assistance to the Alliance Districts, partnering with them to build the capacity to support meaningful, sustained reform and close their achievement gaps.

If you are the leader of an Alliance District who is interested in discussing a similar partnership project, please contact our Director of District and School Partnerships, Marian Hourigan. 203-859-6607 or contact CCER through email

  • School Data Systems Guidebook

    In collaboration with the Meriden Public Schools, we have developed an online platform that will facilitate district-level leadership discussions about...

    22 Jan 15
  • Human Capital Analysis

    In 2013, CCER partnered with an urban school district serving more than 18,000 Connecticut students to transform the district’s...

    22 Jan 15
  • School District Data Systems Analysis

    In 2014, CCER partnered with three low-performing districts serving more than 21,000 Connecticut students, to support them in improving...

    22 Jan 15
  • School System Funding Analysis

    CCER has partnered with several Alliance Districts and Education Resource Strategies (ERS) to analyze districts’ spending. The goal of...

    27 Jan 15
  • The Bloomfield Blueprint for Closing the Achievement Gap

    In 2015, CCER spent a couple of months visiting each of Bloomfield’s public schools and learning about their district-wide...

    5 Mar 15