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Connecticut has the widest achievement gap in America. This means that our students from low-income or minority families are not being educated to the same levels as their peers. And it has to change. CCER’s mission is to narrow that gap, and raise academic outcomes for all Connecticut students. We seek to do this promoting state-level policy changes and by supporting some of Connecticut’s lowest-performing schools. To keep informed about our progress, sign up for our e-newsletter here.

Great Expectations
Our award winning documentary series, Great Expectations: Raising Educational Achievement, which highlights models for closing gaps and raising academic achievement.

Our monthly blog series, which takes an in-depth look at policy issues and what’s happening in Connecticut’s schools. (These are designed so that you can click through to whichever pieces of the story most interest you!)

Our monthly list of detailed reports and interesting studies filled with everything regarding the public education system.

Education Reform Legislation
Up-to-date information on the Connecticut legislative session and current events in the education reform landscape.

Invitations To Conferences
Invitations to our annual conferences, which explore best practices in education policy.

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