Teacher Turnover, Teacher Quality, and Student Achievement in the D.C. Public Schools

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The D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) uses a teacher evaluation model called IMPACT, which contains value-added student achievement as a component of a teacher’s evaluation. Using this evaluation framework as a reference for teacher quality, this study by the National Bureau of Economic Research explores the relationship between teacher turnover, teacher quality, and student achievement outcomes in DCPS. Analyzing student achievement in DCPS from 2011-2013 through a quasi-experimental design, researchers saw a positive correlation between student achievement and the turnover of ‘low-performing’ teachers. While the study is focused on a singular policy regime in which low-performing teachers can be accurately identified and replaced with more effective teachers–it offers evidence of the impact that teacher composition in schools can have on student achievement, and it also adds to the conversation about how educators and practitioners can measure teacher quality.
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