Micro-credentials: Driving teacher learning and leadership

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With increasing demands upon teachers to ensure all students are college- and career-ready, there is mounting evidence that the current professional development model is not meeting the varied needs of teachers.

This article from the Center for Teaching Quality focuses on an alternative model of professional development called micro-credentialing. Like the personalized learning model for students, micro-credentialing is competency-based and allows for anytime-anywhere learning. When teachers have gathered  evidence of mastery, they submit their materials online for a trained reviewer to determine if competency has been achieved. Once a micro-credential is issued, the teacher may add it to his/her professional profile or resume. The report says that adopting a micro-credentialing model would give districts the ability to provide differentiated professional development based upon teacher interest, skill level, and the goals of the district/school.

The future of micro-credentialing will likely be determined by piloting states, districts, and schools, which can inform policy decisions and guide implementation.

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