Leveraging ESSA to Support Teacher Leadership

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In this short paper, Teach Plus Massachusetts’ Teaching Policy Fellows recommend practices that will enhance leadership opportunities in Massachusetts. The group observes that teachers learn best from other teachers and thrive in environments that emphasize collaboration, and that those who lead should be compensated for extra work and outstanding performance. Specifically, the Teach Plus fellows’ recommendations include:

  • Appointing teachers who are recognized as having expertise as professional development (PD) leaders, with priority given to teachers from within the same school and district. (See the Peer Assistance and Review program in the Boston Public Schools.)
  • Selecting only a few high-leverage PD initiatives that relate to both district and school priorities, and that respond to the specific needs of students, teachers, and the district.
  • Designing and defining clear career ladder opportunities in collaboration with district leaders and teachers, so that teachers have a career trajectory that is correlated with incentives; and more!

Read more of the teachers’ input here.