Improving Special Education in Prince George’s County Public Schools

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In this policy brief, Teach Plus-Maryland Teaching Policy Fellows provide recommendations to improve special education in Prince George’s County Public Schools. They address major issues impacting special education instruction in their county and offer solutions for improvement. One of the major challenges for special educators is the lack of time to provide instructional support, complete required paperwork, and collaborate with general education teachers. The Teach Plus fellows recommend incorporating daily planning time for these purposes. A second challenge for special educators is the lack of consistent roles and support systems across schools and grade bands. The lack of necessary personnel puts a strain on existing staff, resulting in attrition, job dissatisfaction, and underperformance. To remedy this issue, the fellows suggest piloting a distributed leadership model in which focused leadership positions empower teachers to work on particular issues; creating a Special Education Advisory Council to address concerns about work environment and disseminate best practices; and assigning mentors for new special education teachers.

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