“Every child should have a chance to be exceptional. Without exception.”

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Published in 2010, the Connecticut Commission on Educational Achievement’s report has distinct similarities to this month’s decision in the CCJEF v. Rell case. Under Governor M. Jodi Rell, this gubernatorial commission was tasked with identifying solutions to address Connecticut’s achievement gap, and Judge Moukashwer’s points this month echo many of the report’s strategies:

  • Rather than merely layering statutory tweaks on top of a struggling system, approaching the task of improving public education holistically–by building systems that interact together in a manner that prioritizes the needs of kids.
  • Demanding systemic accountability.
  • Setting high expectations so that the education experience is meaningful.
  • Encouraging excellent teaching.
  • Fostering leadership.
  • Creating rational, transparent approaches for public school funding.
  • And making the state responsible for turning around persistently low-performing schools and districts.

CCER has advocated for these points since its inception, and we are encouraged to see such alignment with Judge Moukashwer’s decision. The similarities are uncanny, but we think it comes down to the fact that when an unbiased third party looks at the flaws in our education model, the systemic problems are there for all to see. To read the report, click here.