Student-Centered Learning: Functional Requirements for Integrated Systems to Optimize Learning

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Written with a range of audiences in mind, this article describes the four tenets of student-centered learning: personalized, competency-based, student-owned, and anytime-anywhere learning. It identifies the dramatic systems shifts necessary to successfully implement student-centered learning. Detailed descriptions and scenarios of student-centered learning are given from the lens of the student, teacher, building leader, and district administrator. Special attention is given to the changes in the use of current data systems, the role of technology, and the use of resources, including human resources. The role of the student as learner and as collaborator in the teaching and learning process is a focal area throughout the report, both in online systems and in-person work. For educators and families who are interested in learning how student-centered learning is structured and differs from traditional teacher-centered approaches, this article paints a clear picture of transformations needed to take place to support student-centered learning for all students.

You can read the full article here.