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CT has one of the largest achievement gaps between low-income students and non-low-income students.

Under “Every Student Succeeds,” Will Some Children Be Left Behind?

hallway2By Jeffrey Villar

Every Student Succeeds, a new federal bill that will replace No Child Left Behind (NCLB), marks a significant shift for 2016. The question is whether Connecticut will remember what it learned under NCLB: namely, that not every student succeeds in our state; indeed, that until things change significantly in our schools, many Connecticut children will be left behind.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–All Must Sacrifice for Education
3 Feb 16

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Nicki Perkins EMAIL: PHONE: 203-506-5799 All Must Sacrifice for Education  Hartford, Connecticut – Today, February 3, 2015, Governor Malloy gave his budget address for FY 2016-17. In […]

CT Post: Malloy’s budget plan tightens belt on education
3 Feb 16

Now funded at $43.7 million for 15 communities statewide, the plan would cut Priority District spending back to $42.2 million. “I have serious concerns about such a proposal, because these […]

NBC Connecticut: First Statewide Teacher Evaluation Documents Released
2 Feb 16

‘I think we need to take a look at it and make sure we have some changes and make sure we have results that are meaningful and if everyone is […]

2016: Can We Keep the Focus on Kids?
27 Jan 16

For the past several years, CCER has released an annual report on the state’s progress in passing and implementing our long-term plan to raise academic outcomes for all students, regardless […]

Hartford Courant: Teachers want evaluation system changed
25 Jan 16

Others call it too soon to scrap the system. Jeffrey Villar, a former Windsor school superintendent who now heads the Connecticut Council for Education Reform, said he knows first hand the […]

Hartford Courant: Union Calls for Dropping State Test Scores from Teachers’ Eval
25 Jan 16

Earlier this month the CEA recommended eliminating the Smarter Balanced test and replacing it with another test or possibly doing away with a standardized test completely. State officials and other […]

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