Our Report On
How to Close the Achievement Gap
CT has one of the largest achievement gaps between low-income students and non-low-income students.
Here’s our plan on how to help close it.

Common Core Communications Contest

Enter CCER’s Common Core Communication contest and earn an unrestricted $1,000 grant to increase innovation, and be highlighted for your success on CCER’s blog and/or website.

The Steps to Success

Without standards for what she should know and be able to do, it’s hard to tell whether she’s keeping up. Right now, there are different learning standards in every state. What’s a step ahead in one place is a step behind in another. Click here to find out how we resolve this problem.

Apr 10
CT Mirror Op-ed: Recommendations to the Common Core Task Force
By Jeffrey Villar and Ramani Ayer Recently, Connecticut has seen intense debate around the Common Core State Standards. In the face of compelling data that show our existing system of education is not up to snuff, there is now a general consensus about the need to raise academic standards. However, considerable anxiety has arisen over
Every child deserves an exceptional education without exception.

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