Our Report On
How to Close the Achievement Gap
CT has one of the largest achievement gaps between low-income students and non-low-income students.
Here’s our plan on how to help close it.

The Bloomfield Blueprint for Closing the Achievement Gap

Reducing the achievement gap and accelerating progress may seem daunting. However, tangible and encouraging progress is occurring in Bloomfield Public Schools under the leadership of its Superintendent, Dr. James Thompson, Jr. This suburban district has a student population that is 90 percent African American or West Indian and 50 percent low-income. Bloomfield created a blueprint to narrow and eventually eliminate the achievement gap–and its four-year trajectory of student performance proves that it’s working.

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Connecticut Assessment FAQ

The Big Six have come together to write up an FAQ on the role of standardized assessments in public education. Get the answers to your questions on the purpose of different kinds of testing and whether they’re necessary.

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Mar 19
Testimony of Jeffrey Villar Before Education Committee
On Thursday, March 19th, the Education Committee heard testimony from the general public and public officials during a hearing that ran deep into the night. To read Jeffrey Villar’s written testimony, click here. The following is a list of the important bills that were heard by the Committee: 1. H.B. No. 7016 (RAISED) AN ACT IMPLEMENTING THE
Every child deserves an exceptional education without exception.

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