Principals: The Lead Communicators in the Portfolio Strategy

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This piece, published by the Center on Reinventing Public Education, delves into one of the most important aspects of the portfolio strategy-the communication of its leaders. The portfolio strategy is gaining popularity in cities across the nation, and, as a result, an increasing number of school districts are implementing reforms that need to be communicated to families clearly, consistently, and frequently. School principals are uniquely positioned to communicate these changes with families because they know their communities best and because principal autonomy is an important feature of the portfolio model. In this publication, researchers urge leaders in portfolio districts to make principals the frontline communicators about their schools because it: (1) increases principal autonomy; (2) allows principals to differentiate communication based on families’ needs; (3) decreases families’ opposition to important and controversial district changes; and, (4) inculcates a deep, strategic of understanding of how portfolio districts work at all levels of district leadership. Read it here.