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Read “A Happy Tale from a Common Core Classroom”!

Last week, Education Week published Lynn Cannaday’s story, “A Happy Tale from a Common-Core Classroom.” It’s a worthwhile read because it exposes us to  a teacher’s specific examples as to how the Common Core works in her classroom.

The Power of Growth in Action in CT Schools


Today, as Governor Malloy recognized 97 schools of distinction in Connecticut, he proclaimed that “this idea of ever-improving achievement is what made America great.” These schools of distinction were celebrated today in three categories:  (1) schools demonstrating high performance for groups of students who have historically struggled in Connecticut’s public education system (Black, Hispanic, and low-income students, students with disabilities, and English Language Learners); (2) schools demonstrating high levels of student progress from 2011-2012; and (3) schools demonstrating overall high student performance.Read More »

A Closer Examination of the State’s New Teacher Evaluation Program

This week, in light of a recent column criticizing the state’s new teacher evaluation program, we thought we’d take a moment to decipher some of the jargon surrounding this important reform.Read More »

ConnCAN’s Survey Shows “CT Voters Overwhelmingly Support Continuing Education Reform”


A new Global Strategy Group poll finds that Connecticut voters are not willing to sacrifice progress on education reform, even in the midst of difficult budget decisions. Read more here!

2013 Joint Statement from CAPSS, CAS, CABE, CBIA, CCER, CONNCAN



Every student in Connecticut, regardless of their zip code, deserves a world-class education. That is the clear message and ongoing commitment of a partnership formed by our organizations, which represent six of the state’s leading education and business groups.[1] In 2012, we worked together to support a landmark package of education reforms in Public Act 12-116. Although our groups represent different stakeholders and perspectives, including school boards, superintendents, principals, advocates, and the business and civic community, we continue to be united in a desire to see systemic change come to our state’s public schools. We believe that passing this legislation was an important first step, but now the hard work begins. A shared commitment and resources to support implementation will be essential in determining whether these changes bring about true transformation or simply more of the status quo.Read More »

The Rest of the Story–on Connecticut Public Charter Schools


The recent commentary posted on the Stamford Advocate blog by columnist Wendy Lecker paints an incomplete picture about charter schools. A review of the charter school data for the schools reauthorized in June 2012 presents a far more diverse student achievement picture than was presented by Ms. Lecker.Read More »

Education Reform Will Take More Than One Year


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Connecticut had an idea for education reform. There was a promise for expansive new education funding in exchange for new school district accountability programs. Low achieving school districts would get significant new dollars in exchange for implementing new district reform programs.

Fast forward a year. Financial institutions teetered on the brink of extinction and the national economy went belly up. In the face of Connecticut’s fiscal woes, education reform became the victim. Unable to fulfill its education funding promises, the state slashed assistance for district improvements and human capital at both the local and state levels.

This story might sound all-too-familiar at the start of the 2013 legislative session, but that tragic tale–in which Connecticut reneged on its promises to reform public education–spanned the years of 2007 and 2008. Since then, over two hundred thousand students have graduated from high school, many without the necessary skills to succeed in college or careers.Read More »

Rae Ann Knopf speaks on EduTalk!

Our executive director, Rae Ann Knopf, gave a great interview on EduTalk! Give a listen!

Pulling Together to Prevent Violence from Tearing Us Apart


A month after the terrible tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the outpouring of support and caring can barely be managed by the hundreds of volunteers who have come together to assist the community of Newtown. People from across the country and around the globe have united in an effort to prevent something like this from ever happening again. According to state and national experts, the themes for these solutions can be found in the very actions that residents of Newtown, Connecticut and people across America are taking in response to the event. As people connect with one another, communicate concerns and develop solutions in ways that balance prevention and response, we are strengthening the bond that will help us keep our children safe. Protective factors include:Read More »

Why We Love Our New Website, And We Think You will Too!

Happy New Year, readers! We’re starting off 2013 right with a new look and a new site. Here’s why we love our new online presence, and why we think you will tooRead More »