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The Role of the Community in Ed-Reform: Part 1, The Business Role


Peyton R. Patterson, Chair of the Connecticut Council for Education Reform. Former President & CEO of New Alliance Bank.

We are fortunate to live in one of the wealthiest states in the country. However, we are here today because we also live in the state with the widest achievement gap in the country. This gap has an enormous impact on our state’s low-income students, 40% of whom do not graduate from high school in four years. Studies have shown that high school dropouts have an unemployment rate that is nearly two-and-a half times the rate for high school graduates. They also earn a mere 2/3 of the income of high school graduates, and each cost the state more than $500,000 in net fiscal lifetime benefits. These results are not acceptable outcomes for the state’s students or their parents. They also do not bode well for Connecticut’s business and economic viability. Read More »

Announcing CCER’s Upcoming Press Conference on 1/26


The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER) will be holding a press conference to introduce our new Executive Director and to provide an update on CCER’s work and plans for 2012. The press conference will take place on January 26th in Room 1B of the LOB at 11:10 am.

Connecticut’s Year of Education Reform


For advocates of comprehensive education reform in Connecticut, 2012 holds tremendous promise.  Governor Dannel P. Malloy has proclaimed this year as “The Year of Education Reform” in Connecticut.  He got a jump on the calendar in late December when he outlined his bold principles for reform in a letter to the state’s legislative leaders.

Malloy continued to build on that momentum by convening a multi-stakeholder workshop, bringing together national thought leaders, local education advocates and other interested parties to Central Connecticut State University.   The workshop addressed key issues such as low-performing schools and districts, cultivating the best teachers and principals, college and career readiness, and school finance.Read More »

Teacher and Administrator Preparation: Another SBE Opportunity


Did you know research has shown that teacher quality is the most important factor in the academic achievement of students?  Or that in 2010, the CT State Department of Education identified an “urgent need” for effective school leaders in the state?  Given the importance of teacher and school leader effectiveness, we think it’s time to explore the programs that prepare Connecticut’s educators.Read More »

Update on the Achievement Gap Task Force


The CT Achievement Gap Task Force had its first meeting on November 14th at the Legislative Office Building. The eleven-member group is responsible for developing a master plan that will identify the academic achievement gaps that exist across various groups, focus efforts to close those gaps, and establish annual benchmarks while implementing their recommendations. The legislation establishing this task force set a goal to close Connecticut’s achievement gap by January 1, 2020. This is the “second chapter” of the original task force that met over several months in 2010 and issued its report in January of 2011.  Recent legislation requires the establishment of an Interagency Task Force, representing the government’s key stakeholders, to develop and, more importantly, implement the plan. Read More »

Education Reform Will Be Focus of Legislative Session


By: Dr. Joseph Cirasuolo, Executive Director of Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents

It has taken some time, but, the Connecticut education community has begun to accept the notion that real and fundamental change to our public education system is not only necessary, but essential if we want to help our children succeed.  This is not the time to tinker around the edges, but to take major steps toward restructuring what we do, how we do it and who will take responsibility for improving student achievement in our state.  We expect that education reform will be a major theme of the next session of the General Assembly and it is important that all of us engage in the discussion about how we can restore Connecticut’s place as a leader in public education and in student achievement.Read More »



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